Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Service

What kind of internet does Lavalink provide?

We specialize in last-mile wireless delivery, facilitated by a radio tower within just a few miles of the customers we serve. More info

How close to a tower do I have to be to get service?

We are capable of providing service up to 10 miles away from any of our towers, but we will be unable to reach closer customers if visibility cannot be achieved. If you can see our blue beacon on the top of L-mountain at night, then chances are very likely that we can connect you.

Can I share the Internet connection with other devices in my home?

Yes. This requires a router which we loan to you at no extra charge, or you are free to use your own. The routers we provide are very capable and easily cover about 1500-2000sqft.

Is there a limit on how much data I can transfer?

No. We do not limit data usage, and we do not charge overage fees.

Does this internet support online gaming?

Absolutely! Gaming performance generally relies on low latency and consistent connectivity. Both our last mile technologies and our upstream backbone fiber provide extremely low latency and reliable paths.

Existing Customers

I have internet service. How do I setup automatic monthly payments?

See our online customer portal getting started guide.

Help! I’ve unplugged my router. How do I reconnect everything?

Don’t panic! This guide explains how to connect your equipment depending on the type of router you have.