Hey Lava Hot Springs!

Chances are, you’re looking for better internet.

You’ve come to the right place. We have introduced a modernized wireless internet service to our little town of Lava Hot Springs. Having gotten earfuls about it from friends and family for years, we know very well how poor the internet service has been with the dominant wireless internet providers here and around southeast Idaho. Up until recently, our own family was paying an absurd amount for basic internet access to the home with their old internet provider.  Their service was spotty when it shouldn’t be, and more than half their monthly bills were from unpredictable overage fees. Their old provider was and still is using aging and poorly engineered infrastructure.

So, we decided to do something about the problem. We brought the know-how to implement a new network in Lava, with modernized equipment. In addition to that, we brought in a far more efficient infrastructure than what systems the other guys are still hanging on to. It will supply steady and dependable internet to homes in the valley, with a business model that will not be reliant upon surprise overage fees at the end of the month. With our new hardware, we are also effectively branching out connectivity to the hardest-to-reach areas outside of town, areas which have previously gone ignored. If you are looking for internet access that you can count on, then please join us in getting our little corner of Idaho better connected to the outside world.


Why make the switch to Lavalink?

No monthly Data Limits or overage fees
Locally owned and operated
Private and secure connectivity
Low-latency communications and gaming

Service Pricing


5Mbps↓ ↑2Mbps


Basic internet service. Good for 2 to 3 people web browsing or 1 device streaming video at any given time.


15Mbps↓ ↑6Mbps


Enhanced internet for streaming media. Recommended for simultaneous HD streaming and web browsing.


25Mbps↓ ↑10Mbps


The true broadband experience. This speed is suitable for 4k streaming and outbound video broadcasting.

*Pricing is for service locations within clear view of L-mountain. For other sites, an additional $10 monthly repeater access fee may be assessed.

There is a standard fee of $150 assessed for all new installations of customer premise equipment. This covers equipment rental insurance and managed installation using a provided “J Pole”. In the event that specialized mounting equipment is required, additional costs may be assessed and you will be informed in advance.

Options for dedicated point-to-point links and customized speeds are available, starting at $500 for installation. Bitrate pricing varies.

Enterprise-grade services are also available. These include an uptime Service Level Agreement and priority QoS.

Discounts are available for paying upfront in quarterly (5%), semi-annual (10%), and annual (15%) amounts.