Internet Access Services

Our continuing mission is to provide streamlined, high-quality internet to our beloved community of Lava Hot Springs

What we’re about

Our options

We began offering internet in October 2017 with our new (at the time) 802.11ac fixed-wireless Baseline services. As wireless technologies advance, we wish to make next-generation standards such as 802.11ad Wave available. There are higher costs associated with these new technologies, yet we strive to continue supporting our legacy services for as long as they are meeting our user’s needs. Wave is considered our next long-term service offering in all of our mapped general coverage areas.

ServiceDownload Rate (Mbps)Upload Rate (Mbps)Latency (milliseconds)Setup FeeMonthly
BaselineUp to 50*Up to 20*10-30$150$65*
Wave Lite100203-6$500**$95
Wave Plus250503-6$500**$140
Wave Pro5001003-6$600**$200
Wave Gbit10002003-6$600**$300

* Variable price and priority levels. Guaranteed minimum 7Mbps↓/↑3Mbps for entry level priority. This service is widely available.
** Includes premium router upgrade with corresponding wifi capability. Dollar-for-dollar discounts available for upgrading existing equipment – we wish to honor your existing investment into your service.

Please see our Availability page for information regarding service areas, or inquire directly.

What do these terms mean?

Download Rate (Mbps)
This is how many millions of bits you can download per second. A typical 1080p HD stream requires 3-4Mbps download speed. A modern 4K resolution video stream requires anywhere from 10Mbps to 25Mbps download speed. All of our plans support streaming and do it well, however for 4K resolution streaming you may require a plan with a higher allowance. We DO NOT enforce any monthly data caps or throttling, and we DO NOT charge any additional monthly fees. For more information about what speeds are required for various activities, the FCC has compiled a simple speed guide you may reference here, but feel free to ask us if you are unsure of any particular activities are supported with our service.

Upload Rate (Mbps)
Like the download rate, this is how much upload data (outbound from your home) is permitted per second. If you are backing up a lot of data to the “cloud”, or you regularly have video calls where you send your video out to other people on the internet, then you generally want a decent upload rate. Outbound video typically requires about 2-4Mbps upload for one ongoing session. Important to note, a healthy upload allowance is required for all communication in order to facilitate error checking of download. For this reason, it is also important for typical web browsing activities. Saturating your upload will cause all other activities to stutter. The home routers we provide grant easy insight into your usage and allow you to monitor your own activity to determine if saturation is ever a problem for you.

Latency (milliseconds)
The time it takes to send and receive a single message to and from the edge of our network. Low latency is important for responsive applications such as online gaming, voice/video chatting. Generally, latency from our network in Lava Hot Springs to anywhere else within the contiguous United States should consistently remain under 70ms.