About our network – What makes it exceptional

Our fixed wireless internet service is a high quality, low latency connection with fiber optic circuits connecting our towers to the rest of the world. Our focus is on providing rural service on par with (and better than!) the fiber services that can be found in most well-connected cities.

Typical outgoing connections on our network to servers anywhere in the United States range from 25ms to 70ms round trip times, with no more than 8ms of that round trip time induced by the wireless and wired communication over our network.

For illustrative purposes, we’re the guys on the left here:

By comparison, satellite providers are high latency connections, typically ranging from 600 to 800ms round trip times largely due to the much greater distances the radio signals must travel while relaying through geostationary satellites.

That’s often nearly a whole second of delay in receiving a response for any request you make on the web. The delay adds up quickly as your devices generally make numerous requests in the background just to load a single web page.

If you’re looking to game online, or do video and voice calling, that kind of latency renders those activities impossible.



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